JT 72dpi

I live in Castor near Peterborough and have gone from earning money from published photography, painting commissions and artwork projects, to enrolling in boatbuilding college and starting a new business making boat repairs and traditional boatbuilding. I was sailing and making art in my spare time until I wrecked my back a few years ago (lifting a boat predictably) and so started painting more earnestly in the evenings and in rest periods where I have struggled to work effectively. I have had to bite the bullet and sell the racing boat I can no longer trust myself being fit enough to sail as I need to keep myself fit enough for work.


I have also renewed my interest in photography and have acquired some kit. I sold all my professional gear in 2009 when I went to boat college, to pay for the fees.


In 2016, I set a deadline for a painting exhibition but have recently scrapped it because I am amassing drawings direct onto the canvases


The charcoal outline drawing was a way of working that I found beneficial at art college and it developed for me into black vector illustrations made in Adobe Illustrator. As freelance work developed, digital and photographic methods were what was required.


Charcoal is a magical medium in itself, I am not at this point making finished charcoal works, just getting the compostions down full size to see how they stand and feel in themselves. If they retain impact, I start the process of making them into paintings.


The Torii series on Saatchi online were the results of my trials with acrylics and other media when getting more interested in painting again, while the Mountain pictures were the last of the oils series before I went to boat college and probably represent my growing dissaffection. With hindsight it is doubtful I needed to publish either of these series.


I don't feel part of any school or contemporary art scene other than being interested in environmental issues, contributing to the PECT Green Festival 2016. There are many artists I admire probably too many now to list, you'll see it in the work no doubt; recently I have been interested in the kinetic works of U-Ram Choe.


Call back soon to check out progress. Also don't forget PAOS 2017, the Heritage Festival and Green Festival in Peterborough.


Thanks for reading!