By tov617, Oct 17 2017 08:09AM

A young Tawny Owl tries to respond to the adult's call but it comes out more like a screech. Parking our Peugeot by the central entrance to Castor Hanglands Nature Reserve beside the Helpston Road, the low clouds reflect the sodium street lights of Peterborough to the Southeast. Two other cars rip past, not sure if they are racing each other. What will this landscape look like in 100 years from now...? #Inktober #inktober2017

By tov617, Oct 17 2017 08:03AM

#inktober2017. I heard it bust when it hit the ground and the forearm was obviously out of shape but the skin was intact. I had managed to keep it held it to my chest despite rolling around on the floor swearing. Later the consultant said it looked like a bomb had exploded in my wrist. #inktober